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  Pelican Pennie Savers Club Winter Edition

The Credit Union: A Family Place

When you joined the credit union, you joined a family with 80 million members! That's because 80 million people all across the country belong to a credit union just like you. Credit unions are like families because the members of the credit union take care of one another. Some members have money they want to save. Others need to borrow money. They need a car or to make home repairs. The credit union uses the money from the savers to lend out to the borrowers. The credit union pays the savers extra money for keeping their money in the credit union. The extra money is called interest. But, members who borrow the money must pay extra money; this is called interest, too. The credit union acts as a go-between. The credit union also is a place to safely put cash until you need it. Other members of your family can join the credit union, too. Your mom and dad are probably already members, but did you know grandmother and grandfather could join, too? Your brothers or sisters also can join. So can their spouses if they are married. We want all of your family to be members. That way everyone in the family can benefit from belonging to the credit union.

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