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 Sun Credit Union Pelican Pennie Savers Club Spring Edition


How To Become A Savings Genius

  1. Set your goal. What do you want to save for?
  2. Make smart spending decisions - be aware of how you're spending your money.
  3. Save your change. Every day empty your pockets of change. Keep it in a special box or container. When the box is full, bring the money to the credit union and deposit it into your Share Savings Account.
  4. Whenever you get money - whether it's from an allowance, doing extra chores, or as a gift - don't spend it all. Save at least a third of it.
  5. Once you reach your goal, repeat the process with your next goal.

That's five easy steps to becoming a savings genius!

Interesting Facts About The Penny

  • The U.S. Mint's official name for the Penny is "Cent" and the U.S. Treasury's official name is "One Cent Piece."
  • The first Official U.S. One Cent Piece produced in 1787 is commonly known as the Fugio Cent. It was designed by Benjamin Franklin.
  • The back of the Fugio Cent features 13 chain links, representing the first 13 colonies, and the words "We Are One" in the center.
  • In 1909, Teddy Roosevelt introduced the Lincoln Cent to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the 16th U.S. president's birth.
  • The Lincoln Cent (also known as the Wheat Penny) was first issued on August 2, 1909 and was the first U.S. coin to bear the image of a "real" person.
  • The World War II demand for copper resulted in the U.S. to mint zinc-coated Steel Pennies in 1943, instead of the normal copper. They were nicknamed "Steelies." However, a few coins were minted in 1943 which were copper, and not the intended steel. These coins are extremely valuable and collected today.

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